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One mommy took quetiapine 25 milligrams everyday by mouth while pregnant as well as remained to take quetiapine 50 mg everyday orally during lactation. At 6 weeks the little one was doing well. No more follow-up was stated.

One more baby whose mother was taking 200 milligrams daily of quetiapine began to exclusively nurse at 8 weeks old. The infant was creating well at 4.5 months of age as well as no negative effects were stated.

A nursing mommy with postpartum psychosis was begun on quetiapine at 6 weeks postpartum at a dose of 25 mg daily together with undefined benzodiazepines. The quetiapine dosage was enhanced slowly to 200 mg daily over the next 6 weeks as well as as much as 300 milligrams daily over the taking place 4 weeks (16 weeks postpartum). She was also begun on mirtazapine 15 milligrams daily at 8 weeks postpartum. Nursing (degree not defined) was continued until 16 weeks postpartum when it was stopped due to lessened milk manufacturing. During this time around the little one was overly sleepy until the benzodiazepine dose was deceased at the exact same time as the quetiapine dose was boosted. The baby was followed for at the very least 2 months after breastfeeding finished as well as no results on the little one's development, motor or emotional development or indicators of infant drawback were kept in mind.